PictureViewer with Real Time Viewing Event Images WiFi SD Card, eyefi

Real Time Event Photography - Real time pictures over WiFi SD Cards

So you take pictures for an event and want to show any new picture you took on a big screen immediately in real time? Here it is.

Support for real time WiFi SD Cards like eyefi, Transcend, FlashAir, ezShare, SHAREit, AirCard and any other WiFi SD card. Just choose a folder as usual. If any new picture is placed in the selected folder or sub folder, PictureViewer displays this picture immediately. So as long as you can reach a folder PictureViewer can display a new picture in real time. This is interesting for example if you are an event photographer. Just connect your WiFi SD card with your Mac, then choose the sharing folder and you are ready to go. Any picture you take with your DSLR will be shown within PictureViewer. If our Mac is connected to a beamer, the beamer shows and new picture you take on the big screen immediately. Very cool !

Finally we did it. Just check out version 7.0.2 on the App Store.

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PictureViewer with Real Time Viewing Event Images WiFi SD Card, eyefi


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