ht19080701 Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

This method uses the Photo application on Mac.

First we import photos from iPhone to Photos on your Mac then export from Photos to a folder on an external disk.

Original photos will be preserved and EXIF and original time stamp will also be preserved.


1. Connect your iPhone via USB Cable to your Mac

2. Open Photos (in /Applications folder)

3. Select your iPhone under Devices. Select [ x ] Open Photos. Your photos are displayed.

4. Choose Import to: New Album.

5. Choose a good name, format: YYYY-MMmmm-DD, example: 2019-08AUG-07. Adjust name to current date.

6. IMPORTANT: Make sure that your iPhone does not turn off during import. Else the import will be stopped.

Go to Settings. Search for Auto-Lock, choose Never.

6. Hit OK.

7. Wait until the import is done.

8. Your photos are now stored within the Photos Library.


How to export original photos from Photos Application on Mac

1. Select all photos you want to export

2. Choose File > Export. Export Unmodified Original For n items. Choose Unmodified Original to preserve EXIF data (Date and time when the photo was taken, etc.).

3. Next choose Export.

Export Original: I don't know what the [  ] Export IPTC as XMP is. If you know it let me know, comment below.

There is also File Naming.

4. Choose a location (here on a external disk) and a folder (here 2019-08aug-07) for the exported photos. Then hit Export Originals.

5. Wait until the export is done.

6. Make sure that you change back Auto-Lock to your setting as it was before. Go to Settings. Search for Auto-Lock, choose your setting.



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