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PasteboardPlus Version 1.2.2, from the App Store: PasteboardPlus does not store any personal information nor share any personal information. PasteboardPlus use only 100% Cocoa and/or Objective-C code done with Xcode 10.1 without any 3th part libraries.

[ x ] App Sandbox usage: Yes. (Required for Apps within the App Store from Apple that helps protect against unwanted actions.)

[ x ] This App may use of DDC (Direct Developer Contact). It can reveal your operating system name and version and production version for better support usage only.

[ x ] Support may contact you by your given email address after you submit a support ticket or by using App integrated methods like DDC (Direct Developer Contact)

General Note

It is impossible to know everything and it every will be impossible. Even if you don't use any computer and or internet at all. Others can share personal data about you. If you use such a system, it is impossible to know everything because everything is based on something else where others don't have control over it and or may change without any notice. And, it is impossible to know everything down to the hardware and microcode level, up to operating system, updates, security flaws, etc. used and installed software on your personal computer and or virtualization online or offline, etc.

It is impossible to know what 3th part used libraries, and your operating system including your installed software or your virtualization software or your host system does or what they will do in the future.

If you can't agree to some extend to share information you should not use any computer at all. Even so, you are not protected that 3th part systems share personal information about you.




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