Bibel Patch

Bibel Patch? Was ist das? Bibeln sind Übersetzungen und können auch Fehler enthalten. Nicht jede Übersetzung ist gleich gut gelungen. Fixen (reparieren/flicken/beheben) Sie Ihre Bibel mit einem Bibel Patch.  

SpeedreaderLTS – Speech Therapy Software for Logopedia

We write letters and words, but we pronounce syllables. With this method every child can learn to read and write correctly within a store period of time. SpeedreaderLTS can help you create printed school material. Also includes games where you can learn syllables and words.  

Camino Alternative Dodo Browser Mac

Camino Alternative Dodo Browser Mac Click here Camino, SeaMonkey, Maxthon Browser, Flock (web browser), Amaya, iCab, Dillo Web Browser, Iron Browser, GNU IceCat, OmniWeb, Arora, Shiira, Sleipnir, Bitty Browser, Lobo Java Web Browser, Epiphany, Fluid, Lynx, Classilla, NetSurf, SlimBoat, Dooble, Chromium, Kylo, TenFourFox, Wyzo media browser, QtWeb, Stainless, Torch Browser  

New 1A SimpleChat App that works offline with Bluetooth

New 1A SimpleChat App. Simple, fast, secure. Made in Switzerland. Depending on your device and environment you can chat over a distance for about 20 meters or even more without Wi-Fi / WLAN. Also within a closed room or house or in a bunker. Actually I never tested the chat within a bunker, but I think it could work. Read more …

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TOC+ Plugin Extension Request

Like to know how I did the links within the footer? And the links in the main menus? I just updated the TOC+ Plugin and did an Author request. Read more here: /cmswp/en/articles/update-request-for-toc-wordpress-plugin/    

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