1A SimpleChat only with BlueTooth, no Wi-Fi / WLAN required

1A SimpleChat

Simple, fast, secure. Made in Switzerland.


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Depending on your device and environment you can chat over a distance for about 20 meters or even more
without Wi-Fi / WLAN
. Also within a closed room or house or in a bunker.
Actually I never tested the chat within a bunker, but I think it could work.

Happy chatting 🙂

iOS Simulator Screen shot 31.03.2014 14.43.00




1. Just touch the "C" (Connect) to connect to your partner and accept the connection. This connection process can take up to 10 seconds or longer.

2. Chat... using the keyboard and or shortcuts. BTW: you can change your nick name with /nick. You can also change your nick to an Emoji icon.

To install Emoji icon keyboard just do the following: In Settings go to General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard... Then choose the "Emoji" keyboard.

3. Touch on "D" (Disconnect) to end the chat with your partner


  • Simple to use
  • Supports any Language Keyboard with UTF-8 including Emoji
  • Secure: Uses only standard API BlueTooth with GameKit
  • 100% Made in Switzerland (Whatever that means... 😉
  • Using iOS with GameKit API for Bluetooth connection
  • No backdoor, no tracking
  • Technology used: Native Objective-C / COCOA elements, separate view for iPhone 3 / 4 / 5 and iPad
  • No Wi-Fi (WLAN) required
  • Works completely offline only over Bluetooth (BT LE, BT2, etc. any device that supports GameKit API)
  • Two client communication
  • Supports iOS 6/7 on iPhone 3/4/5 including iPad



  • End-to-End encryption could be added

Technical Background

I used Xcode with completely different views for different devices 3.5 inch vs. 4.0 inch screen. This is much easier to handle then just use the same universal view for the iPhone 4, 5 and 6 etc. So I was able to connect any User Interface (UI) element with the same code behind in a Model-ViewController (M-VC) manner as Objective-C / COCOA basically supports to do so.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 31.03.2014 15.38.17





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