Byztxt – Koine Greek New Testament Interlinear App for iOS Mac App Reformation Day 31. October (Halloween)

Byztxt - Koine Greek New Testament Interlinear App

Your key to the Greek New Testament

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Ever wondered what is written down within the Greek New Testament
but can't read it? Your waiting time is over, you can read Greek now even
without knowing the Greek letters! This is an excellent way to get access to
the source of the new testament. You will be surprised how many words you know already.

31. October Reformation Day


Customer Review

Reasonable and fully offline Greek NT ★★★★★

by Rocaloveit
I have been looking for one of these for the last year and can't believe someone actually put this together, along with the Byzantine and NA 26/27/28 variants! Thanks, Michael! (USA)

Habe mir die App schon auf’s iPad runtergeladen, genial! - M. W. (Schweiz  Switzerland)

Hab's bereits installiert. Ist neben dem Strong's App eine gute Ergänzung. W. (Schweiz Switzerland)

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With Byztxt you have the whole Koiné Greek New Testament App Interlinear within your pocket. Read the Bible in Koiné Greek even if you don't know the Greek letters. Is it true? Yes it is.

Can your read this? This is what Byztxt does for you

Byztxt running on iPhone 5 with iOS 8

What you have here now is the entire Greek New Testament written with the so called Koiné Greek 1 which is ancient Greek used within the old Byzantine Empire. Below each word in Greek you see the transliterated word in plain English for pronunciation. So you can read right ahead even without knowing any Greek at all. But I am sure you will find words you already heard of but you did not realize that originally it came from ancient Greek. That's fascinating isn't it?
At least you heard of Alpha and Omega (α and Ω) which simply are the first and last letter in the Greek alphabet. And the word alphabet itself which simply stands for the first two words within the alphabet, Alpha (α) and Beta (β). Or you know the word Amen (Ἀμήν).

Or maybe you remember a little bit of mathematics or geometry from school then you know some Greek letters as well. The angles of a triangle for example are named as Alpha, Beta and Gamma (γ). Or you used them in math formulas in physics. This Greek text includes accents, breathing marks, punctuation and capitalization. You can also read Byzantine variant readings as well as Nestle-Aland variants.

With Byztxt you can see exactly which word in the original greek text was translated how within your New Testament


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Byztxt in the News

Basic Usage

All data which comes with Byztxt Greek New Testament app are offline ready. So you have a full copy of the whole Greek New Testament.

Hint for iPhone: Tap on the menu bar on top of your iPhone will scroll to the beginning of the current page.

  1. Just start the Byztxt Greek New Testament App
  2. Choose a book
  3. The book will be loaded. This can take a while depending on it's size
  4. Chapter menu: Choose a chapter
  5. Enable of disable Interlinear and / or Translation

Contribute your Translation

Just click on the question-mark below a word to contribute a translation. Your contribution can be used within the next version.

The Idea

The idea was to have a Greek New Testament with the new (2012/2013) Nestle-Aland (NA) variants but based on the Byzantine (Byz) text base. First it just was an application for the desktop. But after a while, it was clear to me that this needs to become a real native App for the iPhone at least. It was and is a relatively complex process to edit and prepare the Greek text for computer ready manipulation. I transformed the text in many ways, checked it against Textus-Receptus (TR) and Nestle-Aland and other sources, etc. and did many editing and updates.


Which text base uses your Bible?

At the end of Mat/Marc/Luc/John is the word "Amen"? Yes? -> Textus Receputs or Byz TXT

There is no "Amen" at the end of Mat/Mar/Luc/John -> Nestle-Aland

Check your Translation against the Source

Can you proof them wrong? Yes you can. Here is how.

Revelation 22,19: Book instead of Tree

"[...] Erasmus also lacked a complete copy of the book of Revelation and was forced to translate the last six verses back into Greek from the Latin Vulgate in order to finish his edition. Erasmus adjusted the text in many places to correspond with readings found in the Vulgate, or as quoted in the Church Fathers; consequently, although the Textus Receptus is classified by scholars as a late Byzantine text, it differs in nearly two thousand readings from the standard form of that text-type, as represented by the "Majority Text" of Hodges and Farstad (Wallace 1989). The edition was a sell-out commercial success and was reprinted in 1519, with most—though not all—the typographical errors corrected. [...] (Source Wikipedia Textus Receptus 2)

So Textus Receputs based Bibles will have this wrong back-transation in it. This is the Schlachter 2000 (German) and the King James (English) Bible. Unfortunately there is not footnote about this fact, at least not in the Schlachter 2000 Bible.

What does the source about it?

Well, the source is clear here. BYZ and NA reads "Tree" only TR reads "Book". So we can come to the conclusion that the back-translation is possible wrong.

More on that subject, please look here, Bibel Patches (

[cml_media_alt id='1698']byztxt_problem_stelle_SCH2000_offb[/cml_media_alt]


Implementation - Behind The Scene

It was clear that such a complex rich text format can not be implemented with just a few simple native user interface elements. Instead the implementation is a so called hybrid application. This means that there is a native part and a rich text content combined together to build to end-user functionality.

There are mobile OS's that provide you with better support (which is actually Apple) and such as Android where you have to write much more native code to implement just the same functionality.

Byztxt - Greek New Testament

Byztxt for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS)


  • 08. Mar. 2015 - Byztxt 2.0 supports iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with iOS 8, but also down to iOS 6
  • 11. Feb. 2014 - Byztxt Light for free in the App Store
  • 14. Dec. 2013 - iPhone Special Offer: Free of charge until 01. January 2014!
  • 07. Dec. 2013 - First public release for iPhone, Byztxt version 1.0 was released on the App Store just within 3 days

Release Overview

  • Byztxt version 2.0.0 - 09.MAR.2015
  • iPhone and iPad: Byztxt 1.2 (~ 01.Jan.2014)
  • iPhone and iPad: Byztxt 1.0 (07.DEC.2013)
  • Android: available soon hopefully
  • Nokia: available soon hopefully

Byztxt 2.0: iOS 8 and native iPad Support and 10 Languages

This new release after a year comes with many new improvements.

Byztxt Greek New Tes­ta­ment app ver­sion 2.0 is avail­able right now! This is a major release with many updates and news. We have con­tri­bu­ti­ons around the world from many indi­vi­du­als and pro­fes­sio­nals. We added sup­port for iOS8, iPhone 6 / plus. And, last but not least we added sup­port for iPad. And, last but not least, we sup­port now 10 lan­gua­ges for inter­li­near trans­la­tion. This is just incredi­ble. Read more to see what’s new.

We added sup­port for iOS8 for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iPad.

Byztxt app koine Greek New Tes­ta­ment inter­li­near reads now on your iPad in full wide mode. This is just amazing.

What’s new?

– iOS 8 with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus sup­port
– iPad sup­port
– Sigma ending fixed

Lan­guage Sup­port for inter­li­near trans­la­tion
en-US — English
de-DE — Deutsch
fr — Français
es — Español
nl — Neder­lands
pt-BR — Por­tu­guês (Bra­sil)
ru — Pусский (Rus­sian)
ja — 日本語 (Japa­nese)
zh-HANS — 中文 (简体字) (Chi­nese, Sim­pli­fied Han)
he — עברית (Hebrew)

Byztxt 1.4 for iPhone and iPad

  • Native iPad user interface

Byztxt 1.2 for iPhone (iPad)

  • iPhone / (iPad): Loads books faster (twice as fast as previously)
  • New User Interface

Byztxt 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

iPhone 3 (iOS 6)

  • It works also with iPhone 3 running iOS 6

iPhone 4 (iOS 6)

  • Xcode 5.x makes it relatively easy to target iOS6 users
Byztxt on iPhone 4 running iOS6

iPhone 5 (iOS 7)

  • OS: iOS7
  • Implementation was easy because Apples Xcode 5 makes it relatively easy to implement native App's targeting iOS 6 and iOS 7 hardware, iPhone and iPad.


iPad and iPad mini (iOS6 / 7) - with iPhone user interface

  • By default, as far as I know, can use any iPhone app. It will just display as small as an iPhone within iPad

iPad and iPad mini (iOS6 / 7) - with native interface

  • Xcode 5 makes it relatively easy to do that. So the same code base can be used. Just the user interface elements will change a bit


Q: Where can I get more bible translation differences?

A: Look here, Bibel Patches (

Q: Is there a Textus Receptus version? Can I toggle in/out the TR?

A: The Byz text is very close to the so called Textus Receptus (TR). Note, there is not a single and only one TR - so at least one question remains open which TR then it should be. Also, there are some problems also with the so called TR. For more on that subject please see "Check your Translation against the Source" within this page.

Q: Why are there question marks within many words?

A: The Greek New Testament has many words, about 20'850 different words and forms. See the idea of this project for more information and app usage.

Q: Why is this App not for free (gratis)?

A: One target is to provide a very good quality product with a low price for many people. This guarantees a long time support and continuous development. And, chances are great if you have any idea or bug report that it will be fixed and improved for you.

Q: Do you use any tracking code or software within this App?

A: No, but the Light version may contain online analytic content.


Leave a message below or use the form in the contact menu.




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  1. I bought this app and I never added it back after I restored my phone. Usually, I can add previous paid apps for free but I tunes is charging me again to get this app.

    1. Hmm… I think this should work: Login with *the same* iTunes Account email address you had before. Then just do a re-install.
      iTunes should not charge you again.

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    E por favor coloque versão portuguesa. Obrigado

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