Password Checker 007 – Your data security checker for your Passwords – find insecure and bad passwords

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Password Checker 007

Your data security checker for your Passwords
Are your Password secure? Find out!


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Do you use a secure password? Or do you use a weak password? You don't know? Let's check this.
We all use passwords all the time everyday. This App helps you find out if your passwords are more or less secure.
These are used by hackers in so called brute-force method. The brute-force method is a trial and error method by
"guessing" passwords just by go through a dictionary.



What's a good Password?

"I think the best advice here is thinking the shift away from passwords to passphrases." --Edward Snowden on Passwords

According to Snowden we need to go away from simple words towards passwords phrases.

passwerd - bad

onetwothreefour - bad

limpbiscuit4eva - bad
admiralalonzoghostpenis420YOLO - bad
margaretthatcheris110%SEXY - bad

How to use Bad Password Finder

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Search for Bad Passwords

Learn here how good you have chosen your passwords.

  1. Just enter the first 3 letters of a secure password to find out more.
  2. Hit search
  3. The App will search in the embedded dictionary if it can find your word in the list

You can use this App to educate your personal to use more secure passwords, rather then simple ones.

Currently you can check against about 13.000 commonly used passwords in English and German.


- No words you enter are stored.
- No internet connection required. It all works offline.
- This App is written in native Cocoa/Objective-C only. No external or 3th-part libraries used.

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Help Intro Screen


Q: How many words are in there?
A: There are about 13.000 commonly used passwords in English and German. But the software does also check variants.

Q: Is the software safe?
A: Yes. You can enter only a part of your existing password to see if there can be a match or not. It works completely offline and is written in native Objective-C / COCOA in Xcode. No input is stored.


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