How to make a Kindle Book from scratch – Research, Formatting & Publishing, Windows, OS X, Linux, Word, OpenOffice, Keynote, GIMP

How to make a Kindle Book from scratch

How To Format And Publish Kindle Books with my Kindle Template for NeoOffice on OS X (Also For OpenOffice And Word On Windows And Linux)

This is a Kindle Book OpenOffice Template which you can use right away! I used it for my own book and it works great. Every step included. Not much blabla to read.  Just start writing.

Download link password to Free Kindle Book Template inside! So you can start writing right away.

Download instructions

Read here to get Kindle Book Template for free

1. Download the B1 Archive on It's some kind of a ZIP archive software but works for Windows, OS X and Linux and is free. It's the only solution that works here as far as we know now.

Why do I need this? You will not be able to unpack the archive if you do not have B1. Basic password protected ZIP archives did not work out well for Windows, Linux and Mac. So we used the multi-platform solution B1 Free Archiver here.

2. Enter your name and valid email address and send it to you to get the download link by email or use the direct download link

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    3. You should have received an email right now. Download the B1 archive (some kind of a ZIP archive). Check your email or use the download link below the form. Check also within your spam folder.

    4. Extract the B1 archive

    5. Enter the password for the B1 archive. The password for the Kindle template is within the Kindle Book.

    Video Tutorial

    Update Table Of Contents (TOC)

    Change Paragraph Style


    Q: Why didn't you used standard ZIP archive?

    A: We had no luck to use standard ZIP with password protection on different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. We use B1 Archive on which just works find. You have to use this archiver because it is the only one which worked on Windows, OS X and Linux.

    Q: Why do I need to download the template here?

    A: It's not possible to include and update the template within a book. I think it also makes more sense to have it here so I can provide you with updates very quickly and send you the updates as needed

    Q: I am missing XY within the product.

    A: Just write below the blog about your problem and what you are missing.

    Q: When I click to the download link a get a message like: The link you are trying to access is expired.

    A: The download link is valid for 12 hours. After this period the link becomes invalid. Just enter your name and email again and request a new download. Then make sure you download the requested datas within 12 hours.


    Something not working? Please contact me first before rating!

    I got a 1.0 star at the beginning for a guy who was not able to download the template but complaining about the template.... strange. Maybe he hacked the Amazon Kindle Store.

    I take it easy 🙂

    1.0 out of 5 stars Another Worthless Book April 19, 2014
     By James Carroll Martin
     Verified Purchase
     This is just another scam to get you to buy the book so you can be redirected to another bunch of worthless crap. I was interested in the kindle template so I clicked on the download and was redirected to another site that tried to get me to download a bunch of junk. I clicked that I didn't want the crap so it installed it on my computer anyway! I had to go into the uninstall feature of my computer and delete a whole bunch of stuff before I could even get my homepage to open. Thankfully, I knew what to delete by the installation date and time given on my computer.
     The template never downloaded !

    The author of this comment did not get in touch with me - sure I should email him the template of even give the money back... but I think he just wrote a bad feedback because of frustration entering a name and an email address.


    If you have any other questions please leave a comment below!


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