Simple, fast and clever: Textedit2

Textedit2 is an alternative to TextEdit for Mac. There are many text editors available for Mac.
This is a very simple one. I personally don't like the Textedit which comes with OS X.
I know there is Metapad which can handle Unix line endings (LF) on Windows.
There is also Notepad++ which is very popular as a simple text editor for programmers.
If you know Linux you probably know also vi. Textedit2 is just a simple text editor for OS X
which can load, save text as UTF-8.


You can download it here:





Textedit2 Version 10.2.2[cml_media_alt id='1735']Textedit2-screenshot[/cml_media_alt]

  • New: Opens a new Textedit2 window
  • Open: Opens an existing file with extension txt
  • Save: Save text as a UTF-8 .txt file
  • Save as: Saves current text as a new file
  • smaller: Makes text smaller (zoom out)
  • larger: Makes text larger (zoom in)


  • Works on OS X 10.10.0 (Yosemite) down to Mac OS 10.7.
  • Added line numbers (Apple original NSTextEdit does not provide line numbering out of the box. So I used a 3th part library)
  • Added mono-space font (I used "Menlo" as a default which is available on any Mac after 10.7+)
  • Added pasteboard


Basic text editor functionality

  • View text smaller or larger (zoom text)
  • Cut, Copy and Paste: OK
  • Find and replace: Built in
  • Text formatting: Does soft line break at the end of a line
  • Undo and Redo: Built in
  • UTF-8 support: OK
  • Syntax highlighting: None.
  • Does not provide "save state / restore state" for security reasons

New icon set for file handling

I designed new icons for file new, file open, file save and file save as. I think the floppy disk icon is far outdated. Anyhow we see the floppy disk icon still a lot. But young generations don't even know that there was a "before USB drive" area. So, I think we should move on to a new set of file save icons.

  • New: A new plain paper sheet with the capital letter A on it
  • Open: A thing on a table. (You open a box and put the thing on the table to work with it)
  • Save: Save to storage media
  • Save as: Save to storage media (on a new place as a new file)

Older Versions

Version 10.0.0

  • Should work on OS X 10.10.0 (Yosemite) down to Mac OS 10.5.

You can download it here: Textedit2.app

Version 1.0.0

Download: Textedit2.app

  • Should run on Mac OS X 10.5+
  • Know to run on Mac OS 10.8.2



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