Remote Pager App

Remote Pager App

Remote Pager - Never miss an order from your
customers again. Scan HTML pages by keywords
and never miss a news story, event again.

Never miss a news story or event, or order again!
Need to know when a special keyword appears on a site?
No problem: Remote Pager can help you.


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Watch a Live Demo



  1. Setup URL, Keyword pattern, setup optional BASIC HTTP AUTHENTICATION with username and password and setup time interval from 20 seconds up to 30 minutes
  2. Start Pager.
  3. An alarm will go off if the keyword was found and the number of keywords are counted.

If another keyword is added on the page, the alarm will go off (sound) and the number is shown.

It's easy to track information for you now.

Remote Pager uses a loose copping system. Which means, you don't have to change your existing server software.


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For example an order system has for every new order an entry line with a "delete" button.
So your Keyword will be "delete".
If a new order appears, Remote Pager will check it for you.

Live Example you can try

We have set up a real live example for you.
user: test2015
password: test2015

Note: You have to experiment with the used pattern, so delete may be count all delete text in the whole page, so maybe try ">delete" (without double-quotes) etc. end check your results. Check also the HTML source code through "View Source" on your server for more information about what keywords you can use to grab the total number of entries.

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Order List Server Demo
You can add here new orders (Add New Order) to simulate incoming new orders from your customers. Remote Pager App will then alarm you every time a new order is coming in.


App Details

- Currently, English is supported
- Remote Pager runs independently without any changes required on your existing infrastructure.
- For security reason, the username and password for remote authentication (BASIC HTTP AUTHENTICATION) are stored only when the App runs
- App needs to be in the foreground to work, no background activities
- Alerts are made visually and with a sound, and in flight mode via vibration alarm


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