Renamer – rename files fast without jumping


Rename files fast and easy

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  1. Load a folder
  2. Rename files
  3. Hit Refresh


The Problem: After renaming a file, user control is taken away

Renamer fixes this problem by not refreshing the view.



4 Kommentare zu «Renamer – rename files fast without jumping»

  1. Hi. If I have a lot of existing files named eg: “20180727 Cleaner $85.00.pdf”, can your software batch rename them to add a dash between the dates so that the file name becomes “2018-07-27 Cleaner $85.00.pdf”?

    1. No, not right now. But you can run this script:

      #!/bin/bash ## example usage: ## open Terminal ## 1. cd to folder with your 20180726 Cleaner $85.00.pdf files ## 2. copy to that folder ## 3. run bash ./ *.pdf ## FILES=`ls *.pdf` find . -depth 1 -iname "*.pdf" | while read f do echo " - Processing file: \"$f\"" # take action on each file. $f store current file name str_date=${f:0:10}; str_rest=${f:10:99}; date_yyyy=${str_date:2:4} date_mm=${str_date:6:2} date_dd=${str_date:8:2} #echo $str_date; #echo $str_rest; new_file_name="$date_yyyy-$date_mm-$date_dd$str_rest"; echo "- new file:$new_file_name"; mv "$f" "$new_file_name"; done ## EOF.

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