macOS Top 10 User Interface Design Flaws Within OS X

macOS Top 10 User Interface Design Flaws Within OS X

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OS X from Apple is perfect. No, it's not. Read on why and how it can be better. (Apple, just in case you read this: Please fix it.) It remains a mystery why they don't have changed these very stupid design faults.

Wobbling mouse waiting sign? Finder does not copy and paste files? Finder takes away your user input control and jumps after renaming files? Scroll bar does not work in window full screen mode? These are just a few design flaws made by Apple.

There is one big problem (not only with Apple): The lack of testing.

Testing is in the hand of users who are no the beta-testers. The problem: Some cool-fancy animations are more important for presentation then real life usage. So the real bugs don't get fixed anymore... So they should STOP listening to there user-beta-tester-I-have-a-fancy-cool-idea ! They implement this fancy-cool-animation within a hurry with bad side-effects.

Apple, stop listening to your beta-user testers! Why?

Why? I have proof that they don't test software that much. Just upload a Mac App - they even not test the main feature ... If you test the main feature - the  one essential feature - then this should not happen. But it happens.

I just asked the Apple HQ had a phone call from them - I asked: Did you test my Mac App ? Answer: (laughing....) [so I took that as a No.] / There was no answer...

So one simple beta-tester feature request can put in a "feature" with side effects which infects millions... one.

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#1: The green button. Zoom window to full screen and you can't scroll anymore

Anyway it's not clear what the so called zoom window button (the green button) does. Sometimes it makes the window ugly, sometimes it zoom to full view of your display. Sometimes it does only a stretch vertically.

With Yosemite they changed the default "zoom" to "separate full screen". Hold down alt, while clicking on the green button does a normal zoom again.

  1. Start a web browser like Firefox or Chrome
  2. Hold down alt, click on the green button to make window full size.
  3. Now load a big page
  4. Try to scroll up and down the page with the scroll-bar on the right.
  5. You missed it? Right! That's not your fault, it's Apples design fault.

How can you overcome this? Just replace the window a bit to the right.

So then the scroll-bar does show half of it's width.

After that, if you move your mouse pointer far to the right to do scrolling, you can't miss the scroll-bar.

Reason: The scroll-bar focus is not infinite to the right.

But you are right, this should be done by thy windowing system by itself.


I don't use the green button, as if it does not exist. It's ugly. Its behaviour is ugly and depends on what the programmer programmed it for...

Mouse Pointers & Fitts's Law



\(T = a + b \times \log_2 ( \frac{A}{W}+1 )\)


T = a + b * log2(A/W + 1)

T: Target

a, b: (Adapt for different devices. You can just ignore them here)

A: Amplitude. How far away the Target is from the start position

W: Width. The width of the Target. Describes how accurately you need to be to get to that target.

A and W describes the Target (T).

So Apple missed here the target very clearly.

#2: Alt + TAB

This one is a classic. Just hit Alt + Tab and if an Application has more then just it's own window, you will not be able to cycle through it with just Alt + Tab.

Solution: Define a new Hot-Key Alt + <the key above the Tab key> as "cycle through windows within the same Application".

#3: Copy and Paste within Finder

Just try to copy&paste a file in the same folder within Finder. It will not work.

Solution: You need to go one folder "up" before do the paste (cmd+v).


#4: Finder jumps after renaming files! It's by design...

Ok, this is a big one. A big design flaw from Apples funny - so cool developers. Based on top of basic working code someone decided to programs a "funny cool animation after renaming files" animation. And it works! It's animating! Wow! But it's useless for production!

Just try to rename a few files one after another very quickly - before (before El Capitan etc. in Lion etc.) it was easy to rename then quickly hit down or up key to select after renaming the new old file you like to rename as next. But no, Apple wanted a "cool animation"... useless...! It's a pain in the "+*ç+"*ç!

There last answer from Apple HQ: (I quote) "It's by design". (End quote).


#5: Just use the OS (macOS) a few hours / days...

You will find many well known design flaws...




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