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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base (kb) help text (ht). For example: ht19081201 means: ht: help text / 19: Year 2019 / 08: Month, August / 12: Day / 01: Number.


Overview by Subject



Find Replacement programs and product recalls

Ombutsstellen, welche Ombutsstellen gibt es, Ombutsmann

Baby and Child Experiments You Need to Know



Facebook: Zweistufige Authentifizierung aktivieren [DE]

Windows, macOS, Linux

[macOS, Windows, Linux] Useful Command Line Commands


[macOS] Application can't be opened because it is form an unidentified developer

How to Make SuperDrive Work on Unsupported Mac

Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

How to create a Boot USB drive for Mac

Applications, Apps, Programms

[macOS, Windows] Stop iTunes from opening automatically when you connect your iPhone



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