Beamer Broken Capacitor

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One of this little digital projectors.

Just a broken capacitor.

So I replaced it with an other one, a conventional THT (Trough Hole Technology) one. A little bigger, but it works.







repair-beamer-IMG_0013 repair-beamer-IMG_0014 repair-beamer-IMG_0017 repair-beamer-IMG_0018 repair-beamer-IMG_0019 repair-beamer-IMG_0020 repair-beamer-IMG_0021 repair-beamer-IMG_0022 repair-beamer-IMG_0023 repair-beamer-IMG_0025 repair-beamer-IMG_0026 repair-beamer-IMG_0027 repair-beamer-IMG_0029 repair-beamer-IMG_0030 repair-beamer-IMG_0031 repair-beamer-IMG_0032 repair-beamer-IMG_0033



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