GameBoy Advance SP Glass Dot repair

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GameBoy Advance SP Glass Dust Repair

GameBox Advance SP display dot repaired.  On a display of a GameBoy there was a tiny little dot - enough so that it was very disturbing while playing games. Many people said it is just a dust particle - but it was not. I know it because I fixed the problem.



repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0290 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0289-2 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0288 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0287 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0286 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0283 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0282 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0281 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0280 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0279 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0278 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0276-2 repair-gameboy-advance-sp-DSC_0275


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